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Our Thorough Treatments are designed to quickly eliminate any existing issues, then most importantly, set up the measures so they do not return.

Eliminating active issues is the easy part. The real difficulty is in keeping it that way.

BHB Management and Service Technicians devise a pest elimination program designed for the specific - needs of your restaurant.

Every restaurant, regardless of size or location - is very vulnerable to pests. There is constant outside risk from adjoining areas such as Subways, sewers, parks, adjoining offices and apartments. Pests can also easily enter from any delivery, even with employees and customers.

It is not IF pests enter your restaurant- but WHEN they enter your restaurant.

We created a Multi step approach to keep you pest free:

  • Repellents to prevent pests from entering your facility

  • Proper treatment and baiting to all potential cracks and nesting areas against Roaches, Rodents and Flies

  • Sealing up of potential rodent entry points

  • Drain Treatments including Chemical, Steam and Bio-enzymatic Foam Treatments

  • Monitoring and inspection of every area on every visit

  • Reporting on all Potential Pest conducive areas

  • Bed bug elimination Programs