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BHB Home Protection Plan

We know full well that pests will try to invade your home all year round in each of the 4 seasons.  We offer a Strong Protection plan to stay on top of any infestation, giving you the peace of mind that you are protected.  Our packages consist of a comprehensive inspection and treatment in each of the seasons.  Our main goal is to be proactive, not simply reactive to possible pest issues.


Spring Service

Once the weather starts getting nice, allergies aren’t the only thing that start pestering.  Here come all types of crawling insects trying to invade your home.  Ants, beetles, and earwigs are just some of the insects trying to make their way into your home this time of year.  We provide a treatment to the exterior of your home all the way around to protect you from these and many other pesky problems.  Your service specialist will also be on the lookout for and treat any Wasp or Hornet’s nests that they may see forming on or around your home.  This way we can stay ahead of a potential problem later in the summer months.



We begin by once again reinforcing the protective barrier from the spring to ensure that any ants, beetles, etc are taken care of.  We also again inspect and treat for wasps, hornets, flies, and an array of other flying insects.



In the fall rodents looking to gain access to your home for the winter are our concern.  We look for possible rodent entry points and look to stop activity before rodents get established in your home for the winter.  Your service specialist will also renew the exterior barrier for ants, beetles, millipedes, etc.



Your Service Specialist is here for you.  By conducting a thorough inspection on the interior for any pest, they will be able to treat any current or potential pest issues before they become established.  They will also offer recommendations for the interior of your home to prevent and eliminate pest conducive conditions.  Your service specialist will offer you tips and tricks to prevent pests in your home all year round.  Things as simple as how your pet food is stored can help prevent future infestations of insects.


If one service a season is not enough to give you the peace of mind you desire monthly service plans are also available.  We will stay ahead of any issue all year long.  Our main goal is for your complete satisfaction.